Office Chairs in London

One of the most important pieces of office furniture is the office chair. Uncomfortable chairs can cause a whole host of health problems, including backache, neck ache and poor posture, and discomfort at work can seriously impact upon the happiness of your employees.

Whiteleys sell a wide range of office chairs which are perfect for a variety of purposes, meaning you can get your office kitted out with top of the range products from some of the world's leading chair manufacturers such as Orangebox.

Ergonomic chairs are becoming increasingly popular, especially in offices concerned with the health of employees, and they can help support the entire body of those who may be struggling with discomfort related to being seated all day.

We also have stacking chairs which are perfect for temporary spaces and conferences which can be stored away efficiently, and standard office chairs for comfortable working. Our executive chairs at a touch of authority to any office, and allow you to work in pure comfort.

Our office chairs and all the other office furniture available from Whiteleys is very high quality and durable, meaning your office stays looking professional and smart for years to come. Please browse our selection of office chairs available for delivery across the UK including London and Kent, or contact us if you have any queries.

Stacking Chairs

These are the useful and most popular mobile chairs. We have a wide selection of stunning, elegant designed stacking chairs you will be spoilt for choice.

  • Multi Purpose
  • Comfort Miracle
  • Stackable
  • Added Extras
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Task Chairs

The main type of office chair for the workplace. Selection of beautiful fabrics. Suiting any environment from workplace through to healthcare, education and heavy-duty use.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Various heights and weights
  • Various fabrics
  • Delivered fully assembled
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Executive Chairs

When a little more luxury is required. Choose from a variety of high specifications. Various designer or traditional ranges.

  • Ability to recline
  • Fully adjustable
  • Available in leather & Fabric options
  • Delivered fully assembled
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Ergonomic Office Chairs

It is important that the office chair fits every user no matter their shape or size. In order for a chair to be ergonomic it needs the minimum basic adjustability features:

• Basic features are seat height adjustment, height & width adjustable arm rests and lumbar support.
• Additional features are back, height and seat depth adjustment, adjustable lumbar height, adjustable lumbar curve, personalised pelvic modules, coccyx relief cut out, memory foam, seat depth, tilt & back angle control, extra forward title as well as tension control, adjustable headrest for height & tilt.
• Speciality chairs can also be provided for users of up to 30 stone.

The major characteristics of a seating unit are as follows:

• Seat height adjustment allowing feet to be flat on the floor and arms at desk level.
Lumbar support of an ergonomically designed seat is vitally important on relieving back aches and strains over a working day. Since the lumbar spine curves inwards it is extremely important to have computer task chairs that possess solid lumbar support for this critical area of the body.
• These supports should also be adjustable for the difference that each individual back has.
• The right office seating unit should have an adjustable back rest both forward and backward and to be made of a material that can breathe. A well designed seating unit should have armrests that are adjustable and a swivel.

When looking for ergonomically designed seating you will get various features depending on how much you are willing or wanting to pay:

• A basic ergonomic office chair will have various features but without armrests and headrests but will still have height adjustability back tension and swivel.
• A more advanced ergonomic chair increases the innovation of design and more adjustment options.
• The more advanced specifications can include seat cushions made of memory foam separate seat and back angle adjustments.

Tilting forward of the chair with tension adjustment and the sculpted back has lumbar support with the back height adjustable to position the lumbar support in the right place. The lumbar support itself is inflatable to any comfort level and the swivel seat has a pneumatic height adjustment. At the very top-end design there is a saddle seat and also a kneeling seat with no back but designed for the user to kneel at the office desk all day with an angled support.

Ergonomic seating Triangulation of support technology

This is provided by a combination of the pelvic module cushion on the ergonomic chair and a two way adjustable lumbar. The cushion cradles the pelvis while the two ways lumbar provides adjustment for height & curve at the apex of the triangle. With the lower back positioned correctly the upper spine (thoracic region) will sit obediently above it to provide the optimal anatomical position.

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Operator Chairs

Workplace basic chair used in the workplace especially for general computer work

  • Budget to high specification
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Wide range of colours
  • Delivered fully assembled
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Conference and Training Chairs

Variety of seating solutions when comfort and quality is required for various numbers of delegates

  • Good passive weight disbursement
  • Mesh back options
  • Folding chairs
  • Various finishes and weights
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Stylish Office Meeting Room Chairs in London

Multipurpose chairs of various qualities from the most luxurious boardroom chairs to the most cost effective contract chairs

  • Superior leather finish options
  • Ergonomically adjustable
  • Attractive yet functional
  • Folding and stackable meeting chairs
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Breakout Seating

Comprehensive range of quality and contemporary breakout seating from a choice of cubes, tubs and benches.

  • Flexible options
  • Various sizes to suit all breakout areas
  • Stylishly designed
  • Various colours and fabrics to chose from
  • Can be used in “all settings”
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Reception Sofas and Soft Seating

Sofas and soft seating can be used in various parts of the workplace areas from reception through to meeting rooms. Chose from faux leather and real leather options and a multitude of fabulous fabrics.

  • Enhancement of reception areas
  • Budget and luxury options
  • Contemporary and classic
  • Luxurious and modern styles
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Leisure and Canteen Chairs

Choice of various lifestyles and catering seating, from elegant dining chairs to café bar style, through to aluminium for outside use. Upholstered to a design specification to withstand all canteen spillages and stains.

  • Various finishes available
  • Upholstered options
  • Bright contemporary colours
  • Strong and durable
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The design and production values that imbue Orangebox products are: simple, smart, never overcooked and focused on bringing innovation to real market needs. Orangebox furniture is designed to bring work and home together in a new kind of work setting – a 3rd space – where people can work in, what Orangebox terms, the Comfort Zone.

Similarly, Orangebox task chairs offer a level of design and engineering finesse married to the ergonomic pedigree that Giroflex has established over the last 40 years. The key principles of an Orangebox task chairs are: (value) ergonomics, ease of use, dimensional fit and dynamic function.

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