March 19, 2014

Why Height Adjustable Desks are Recommended

If you suffer from regular back ache and back pain, or even if you just get the occasional twinge every now and then, it may be due to the height of your chair or desk.  If you are working for around seven to eight hours a day at a desk that is the improper height for your size, this can lead to problems in later life.

It may not like too much of an issue, but comfort is incredibly important when it comes to having a desk job. If your spine is hunched over or twisted by sitting at an awkward angle for a long time it can begin to affect your health.

Your posture, chair positioning and desk height can all contribute to these problems. By investing in a desk or chair with adjustable heights, you can cater to a wide range of different sized people who can tailor their individual desk to a height which suits them.

Whiteleys Office provides a wide range of both manual height adjustable desks and electric height adjustable desks with a huge variety of customisable options so that your desk is both comfortable and suitable for the tone of your office. To help aid in better posture and reduce muscle stress and tension from long periods of sitting down, invest in a height adjustable desk today!

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