May 31, 2017

Why Employees Dislike Their Workspace

Why Employees Dislike Their Workspace

There’s no two ways about it: the truth of the matter is, the way your workplace is laid out will have an effect on how productive your employees are. The happier the employees are, the more likely they are to produce better work. One way we suggest that you can turn frowns upside down in the office is to provide employees with an impressive space in which to do their best.

But before that, let’s look at the most common pitfalls of office design:


Uncomfortable Furniture

Employees will spend many hours at their desk and be resting their weight on chairs. As such, it is absolutely crucial that companies invest in great, durable furniture. Here at Whiteleys Office Supplies, we provide high quality, ergonomic furniture for the comfort of office employees.


Generic Office

In modern times, office design has become increasingly more important to a company’s identity. An office that is uniquely for your company will be a source of pride for your employees. If possible, create a workspace that’s not just beautiful to look at but also consistent with your brand.


Employees Are Cut Off From Everyone Else

Some office spaces cut off employees from the rest of the group. While cubicles are great at increasing focus, when coupled with bad design, they can really be detrimental in building a strong office culture. In addition, they can hinder employees from forming friendships, thereby making them feel isolated and lonely.


It’s Messy

In years before, paperwork was a big problem in offices. Recently, however, the shift to digital has reduced some of the physical media usages in offices. Nonetheless, bad office design can predispose the build-up of clutter. For employees, a messy office can have a huge negative impact on morale.


The role of the office space in work has recently been magnified. While in years before, office design must have been treated as an afterthought, now it plays a more central role in the performance of your employees; consequently, in your company’s overall performance. When considering what to improve on in your offices, the signs above can help you find where to look. Here at Whiteleys Office Supplies, we offer bespoke office design to take your office to higher ground.


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