July 13, 2017

What Office Design Appeals to Millennials

What Office Design Appeals to Millennials

Nowadays, Millennials dominate the workforce. Businesses are constantly hiring millennials or fresh college graduates that are ready to be exposed to a corporate culture. These people have a knack for being creative, tech-savvy and can propose innovative ideas that can revolutionise businesses.

Whether they are applying for an entry level or a management position, Millennials tend to support the modernisation of an office environment. It is important for businesses to attract millennials to work for them as the fresh ideas that they bring can revitalise businesses.

Millennials favour unconventional workspaces. We at Whiteleys Office Suppliers can design groundbreaking workspaces that appeal to millennials through our office interior design services. We offer concept drawings, all types of finishes and fittings and mood boards that can make you see and feel the types of finishes we have.

Flexible Furniture

Flexible furniture allows for different office layouts to be set up. Rearranging furniture can create a layout that promotes more communication and collaboration. Our Sit Stand Height adjustable desks enable people to engage with each other by altering the height of their desk. They are available in both electric and manual height adjustable desks and come in various shapes, styles and colours.


Open Spaces                                                                  

Individual cubicles do not seem to appeal to millennials, however, workspaces that exhibit a casual openness for collaboration and communication does. Bringing managers out of their enclosed offices may seem like a challenge, but it is actually a good way to improve connection and communication with other departments.

Overall, office environments should appeal to millennials to invite fresh ideas that can improve a business’ function. A workspace that looks distinct and open for collaboration shows that a business is approachable.

Whiteleys Office Suppliers provides free measuring and space planning services with CAD drawings and 3D visualisation to help you decide on how you would like to design your workspace. If you want to enquire about our services, call 020 8313 3344 or fill up the request form on our contact page.

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