December 16, 2016

What Makes The Perfect Office Chair?

 What Makes The Perfect Office Chair?

It does not matter whether you run a small business or a large company, you need to invest in furniture to ensure comfort and productivity amongst your employees.

For conference rooms and private workstations, it would be best to splurge on chairs – ones that are comfortable enough for individuals to sit on, especially during long meetings. Think about it, nobody is going to be productive and active enough to share their insights of their backs are killing them. So, what factors should owners consider when buying office chairs?

Lumbar Support

When there is proper lumbar support, it prevents your employees from slouching, which saves their spines from getting misaligned. It is necessary for an office or meeting chair to have built-in lumbar support, but if they do not, there are alternatives such as systems that are sold separately and can be attached to the chair.




In lieu of lumbar support, your purchase should be adjustable, especially its backrest height, seat angle and seat height. Keeping the chair at the right height prevents leg strain, most especially the stress on the knees.

It is important that the seat back is adjustable so that it prevents slouching and perching, which causes discomfort after staying in one position for a while.

Why Ergonomics is Important

When it comes to purchasing chairs, ergonomics matter, as this promotes efficiency, safety, and comfort. This increases productivity, as it does not require employees to stretch every 10 to 15 minutes because they feel like their muscles are strained after sitting for hours on end.

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