July 19, 2022

What is ergonomics?

In our next blog, we’re going to be exploring ergonomic chairs. However, a helpful place to start today is by exploring what the term ergonomics actually means. 

What is ergonomics?

Ergo-what? Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in the workplace. While chairs are often the go-to example if someone has heard the term, it’s way broader than this. In fact, we can break down ergonomics into three types. Firstly, we have cognitive ergonomics. This deals with mental processes such as perception, memory, thinking and mobility and the way they are affected by the interaction with the remains of the observed system. The most important aspects include mental effort, decision making, interaction with computers, human reliability and work stress.

Then there is organisational ergonomics. This considers the structures, policies and processes of any organisation. The goal of organisational ergonomics is to achieve a harmonised system, taking into consideration the consequences of technology on human relationships, processes and organisations.

So where do chairs come into it?

Finally, we have physical ergonomics. This is the most commonly known form of ergonomics. This type deals with the physical load on the human body when performing activities. Knowing physical ergonomics and how to integrate it heavily influences on-site safety. A spine-supporting office chair is a great example of this and we’ll have more information on ergonomic chairs in our next blog. 


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