September 1, 2020

Turn the Volume Down with Acoustic Furniture

Open plan offices are not known for being quiet places. Alive with chatter, collaboration, echos of footsteps and general commotion, it can be difficult to really sit down and focus on the task at hand on some days.

Despite that, open plan offices are still the most common type of office design. You can fit a large number of people into one space, collaboration is encouraged, and team spirit is easy to foster. You can see why so many businesses stick to this type of office and make it work so well.

The good news is that news can be reduced by using acoustic solutions within an open plan space. Watch the video below for even more proof of why acoustics are the way forward in this situation.

What is Acoustic Furniture?

Acoustic furniture is designed to reduce noise. It uses certain types of fabrics and is designed within a specific way to absorb and therefore reduce background noise. The plus point is that privacy is therefore increased, meaning employees can get on with their work without feeling completely open to the rest of the office, and without having to listen to every single conversation going on around them, or count every single footstep.

Of course, this increases focus and concentration because employees are able to really get into what they’re doing, without distractions and stress.

We all know how much of an impact workplace stress has these days, and a contributor towards that can be excess noise whilst trying to focus and work. With increased noise comes the potential for mistakes and that has a huge impact upon the success of the business. Those mistakes can easily make their way down to customers and clients and when that happens, the business suffers in a big way.

If this type of noise-absorbing office furniture sounds like something you’d like to try in your space, there are many options to think about. Acoustic panels are a good choice and can be attached to walls and placed at strategic spots around your office, to soak up the noise which causes so much of a problem during the working day. Alternatively, office screens could be used. The plus point here is that these can be moved around, placed strategically depending upon the type of work that needs to be done at any particular point.

The point is that office furniture isn’t always simply about desks and chairs, and sometimes it can also be used to solve a very problematic issue. There are many office furniture in London choices which will tick this box for you, and one thing is for sure, your employees will thank you!

The other plus point about this type of acoustic furniture is that it doesn’t detract from collaboration. That is one of the major pros of the open plan office space and something that needs to always be present. By soaking up the noise, you can have quiet work and collaboration going on in the same space, whenever you need.


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