December 4, 2021

Trending Office Furniture Designs

Omicron, fresh restrictions and a Storm named Arwen. Things appeared to be returning to somewhat normality in the autumn months, but 2021 had other ideas. 


Nevertheless, many of us are still commuting into the office, and businesses have geared up to make this return – whether hybrid or full-time – as positive as possible for employees. 

We’ve taken a look at some of the trending office furniture designs of recent weeks as office life continues its comeback. 


Height Adjustable Desks 


Many office workers have enjoyed working in their own bespoke home environment. A part of this includes the freedom to stretch their legs and in many cases use a standing desk. Of course, standing desks have a reputation as expensive, particularly when designing a large office full of them. Nevertheless, they can be of great value when wellbeing is taken into account as 87% of those using standing desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day.


You can view our range of Height Adjustable Desks here.




As we covered in our previous post on breakout furniture, office pods have soared in popularity during lockdown. Office pods are essentially a room within a room. They’re usually quiet, private spaces with seating and a table. They can range in size from tiny to big enough to house team meetings and can provide multiple functions, from concentrating on a group call to potentially unplug for a break over a bite to eat.


As the rate of anxiety amongst workers remains above pre-pandemic levels, a quiet space to get some work done or take a personal call over lunch can offer a real boost to mental health. This is as relevant as ever with the Omnicron variant being reported as a new variant of Covid-19.


You can view our range of office pods here


Modular Sofas 


Modular design means multiple seating units can be combined and rearranged into various configurations to accommodate spaces for focused work or more relaxed styles of working. Many are available with integrated power sockets and fast-charging USB ports fitted into the armrests. 

These features are promote high degrees of flexibility, and the chance to regulate distance during discussions with colleagues and visiting clients alike. 

You can view our range of reception seating including office sofas here. 


Flip Top Tables


Building on the theme of flexibility and multiple uses, flip top tables provide great agility in bust working environments and a variety of workspace layouts. 


Flip top tables are perfect for hybrid environments. On the days that team members are working remotely, the surface can be flipped vertically to create space. The last thing that companies want to see when attempting to encourage an inclusive, tight-knit culture is an ocean of empty desks and dotted colleagues around the office that resembles a Guess Who board. 


Another perk with flip top tables is that on the days they are not being used by the occupier, they are designed to be used as a board for meetings and mind maps.


You can view our Height Adjustable Flip Top Table here.


Sustainable Designs


Finally, a more holistic design trend is sustainable furniture. Our recent post discussed the impact COP26 and climate policy may have on offices and some of the notable ways offices can be more environmentally savvy.


We offer an interior design service to ensure more offices are designed sustainably. 


You can view more on that here


Closing thought


It’s clear that in a time where change is abundant, offices are taking shape to accommodate. Whether it be the pandemic, the move to a more sustainable workplace or hybrid working, we can expect to see more changes in the coming months. 

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