November 11, 2019

Top 5 Partition Screens for Open Layout Offices

Have you ever had a neighbour who sticks their nose into your business or talks so loudly that it disrupts your home life? Well, the same can happen at work. While open plan offices have been all the rage recently, certain situations require divisions in the office layout.

For example, if you have one team that is particularly noisy in the same open plan space as another team that requires total concentration, you have to give each team their own secluded space. To do that quickly and easily, you would want to utilise one of these top office partition screens:


#5 Desk mounted screens

Having partitions doesn’t mean letting go of your open plan space. Desk mounted screens define workspaces without isolating employees. They serve to separate work surfaces, providing every worker with a sense of ownership and responsibility over their workspace. This partition can also encourage tidiness and organisation, while preventing the loss or switching of files. Employees can also personalise their spaces and partitions, which is beneficial to their well-being.

One of the most in-demand desk mounted screens right now is Mirage Lite. It’s a frameless screen that’s 28mm thick and is specifically designed to fit on 25mm thick work spaces. It’s upholstered in vibrant fabrics and comes with brackets that allow simple installation.


#4 Free standing screens


If you’re looking for partitions that have the same but offer more privacy than desk mounted screens, free standing screens would suit your office better. Unlike a desk mounted screen, a free standing screen splits up your floor area.

Free standing screens come in a variety of heights and widths, and often offer better soundproofing than their desk mounted counterparts. Most distributors offer optional shelving, so employees can have more storage spaces. Some products are even mobile, making it easier to rearrange your space when needed. There are also curved screens that are perfect for creating private spaces that can be used as meeting spaces or personal workstations.


#3 Pods


Looking for something even quieter? Go for work pods. They come in various shapes and configurations, but all of them are designed to provide an environment that minimises visual and auditory distractions allowing users to focus on their tasks. Some pods are designed to totally cocoon a person, to provide individual units for teams that have to work geographically closer, to function as hot desk stations and some create space-saving private meeting areas.

Workspace pods come in different shapes and sizes, and in fixed and mobile versions. They offer more privacy and seclusion than free standing screens, and are perfect for a workplace where employees often make and receive calls and frequently hold impromptu meetings.


#2 Panels


Panels are the perfect partitions for when you’re ready to break up your open plan office space into a number of workspaces, whether into groups or individual employees. They add privacy to each cluster or individual, while providing them more storage spaces and promoting a generally quieter working environment where employees can still communicate with each other whenever they choose. Panels furnish your workplace with all these benefits, without the time and costs that come with building walls and extensive renovations to rearrange the entire space.

Compared to an open plan office space, a workplace divided by panels looks more organised and is easier for visitors to navigate. Clients can easily locate departments or individuals, since the partitions can be labelled according to the group or person occupying them.


#1 Glass partitions


All the other partitions provide visual obstructions and the spaces they create can be a little dim. With glass partitions, you can break up an open plan space without sacrificing the overall illumination of your workplace. The natural light flow of the space is not only retained, but also enhanced by the reflections on the glass. This enhanced lighting can have positive effects on your company’s performance, as natural light improves employee productivity and wellness.

Glass partitions also improve the aesthetics of your office and create a unique style for your space, especially if you choose to incorporate colours on the glass. They also make the office look more spacious, compared to other types of partitions, while still providing the same noise reduction and acoustic improvements.

Most companies offer glass partitions as portable or fixed partitions, so it’s just as easy to rearrange your office whenever you see fit. You can even choose to have glass partitions to separate departments, while maintaining other partition options on the individual level.

An open plan office space has many benefits, but when your employees seem to demand more privacy, you should be ready to resolve this issue. Office partitions provide a quick, inexpensive, modern and practical solution. They are a lot less dramatic and more cost-effective segmentation solution than building fixed walls. And when you need to expand or rearrange, they will be easy to remove or relocate, as well.


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