September 18, 2014

Top 5 Office Extra Essentials

Every modern office needs a desk, a chair, and a computer setup, however what many business owners and those starting out with a new business fail to realise is that there is a much wider list of possible extra items that an office needs. The comfort of your staff is imperative if you want them to feel good while working and enjoy their job, so adequate space and a comfortable chair is essential for any working office space. Here is our list of the top five office essentials (aside from the basics) that can pave the way to a better office environment, encouraging productivity and overall improving morale!

5. Individual Lockers/Storage Space

Whether you work for a larger corporation or you work in a small, personal office, a sense of independence and importance is helpful in encouraging work productivity. Providing your employers with their own individual space to store their supplies, change of clothes, snacks, personal items, etc. allows them some control over their working life.

4. Kettle and Microwave

It may seem obvious but both a Kettle and a Microwave is essential for any office. A hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate is always welcome and a microwave is greatly appreciated in the winter months when soups and stews become popular. The microwave may receive a few complaints due to the smell, but more often than not it is a welcome addition to the office.

3. Office Plants/Pets

Bring a touch of the outdoors, indoors! Although it may not seem important at first, having plants in the office spruces up the office and also helps with a working mentality. For visitors office plants are ideal as they create a welcoming atmosphere. Pets are slightly trickier. There are some offices that thrive from bringing larger pets into the office, one company is even well known for working with their dogs in the office! Smaller pets tend to be better as they are easier to handle. An office aquarium or collective office hamster is ideal as they don’t need a lot of looking after, but still provide a welcome break when working on a long report or staying behind for a particularly lengthy client meeting.

2. Coffee Machine/Vending Machine/ Water Machine

Drinks machines and water machines are great when office members are feeling a little too lazy to boil the kettle and although the vending machine can get a little expensive, often when they haven’t had time to run to the shops for a sandwich they’ll be happy they can at least grab a chocolate bar in good time. Water is essential for good hydration, particularly in the summer time. Water machines make a great addition to the office as they are temperature regulated. Tired of lukewarm water? Opt for a water machine!

1. Radio

This works better for offices that do not deal with regular call outs but a radio is a fantastic addition to any office environment. Working in silence or with the whirr of the computers may seem extremely professional but in reality it is hard to keep up that mentality without needing a regular break.

A radio provides a change of tone with a nice bit of background noise to break up the day. Plus certain stations even play specific playlists for companies and offices to help motivate them or incorporate games into their stations to help employees stay motivated throughout the day.

However you decide to design or refurbish your office, the comfort and happiness of your staff is important, so consider getting a few extra office essentials to help motivate and encourage your employees today!

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