February 6, 2014

Tips on Office Posture

Having good posture is incredibly important, particularly if you are spending long hours sitting at your desk with no respite. You are allowed to have a short break, 15 minutes or so, for every few hours of working, but having good posture while you are working at your desk can really help, as continued bad posture can lead to problems in later life.

Sit Straight Sitting with your back arched or hunched over can have residual effects on your back. You are not giving your spine the support it needs and this can cause problems. Sit so that your lower back is against the base of the chair. Your torso, from your hips to your chest, should be straight and not hunched or arched.

Both Feet on the Floor Mainly for ladies, when you sit at your desk for prolonged periods of time, you may be tempted to cross your legs, for a break in the monotony. This is not great for your back, as it twists the spine. Plant both feet on the ground a shoulders width apart, as this gives your body the support it needs.

As well as following a few simple tips, there are special office chairs and meeting room chairs that are designed to help improve posture. Have a look through our catalogue to see some examples!

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