Office Furniture Trends 2023

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As we progress through 2023, businesses are looking to update their office spaces with the latest trends in office furniture. This is partly due to the popularity of hybrid working, but also simply to keep up with the times, and transforming the office from a place you have to go, to a place you want to go. Here are some of the top office furniture trends to keep an eye out for in 2023:


Ergonomic Furniture: With an increased focus on employee wellness, ergonomic furniture is gaining more importance. Ergonomic chairs and desks that adjust to individual body types help reduce back and neck pain, ultimately leading to improved employee health, comfort, and productivity. At Whiteley’s, we highly recommend the new ‘Allow Me’ range of adjustable office chairs, featuring a curved backrest and armrests, available in two heights and a variety of colours. This chair is a great addition to any office, making the time your employees spend seated tailored to them, and far more pleasant.


Sustainable Furniture: With a growing focus on the environment, businesses are looking to invest in sustainable office furniture. From using eco-friendly materials to recycling old furniture, companies are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.


Collaborative Spaces: Collaboration is a key driver of innovation, and businesses are now sourcing furniture which facilitates teamwork and meaningful conversation. Breakout rooms, office pods, and smart desk configurations can all help to promote brainstorming and idea sharing among employees.


Independent Spaces: With a heavy focus on collaboration in the office nowadays due to hybrid working and the condensed period of time employees spend together in person, the office can become a busy, loud place. It is therefore important to consider the need for quieter areas to allow for individual work when choosing your office furniture. One feature we cannot recommend enough in your office is acoustic office screens. Able to create quiet spaces even in the hustle and bustle of a modern office, acoustic screens are a must-have due to their sound-absorbing properties.


Technology-Enabled Furniture: With the prominence of hybrid working and virtual meetings, technology-enabled furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Desks that can charge devices or built-in screens for video conferencing are just a few examples of technology-enabled furniture.


A Place You Want to Be: A big factor in office design since the COVID-19 pandemic has been ensuring that the workplace represents somewhere that employees are motivated to return to. Simple things such as utilising attractive furniture, like this elegant slatted reception desk, as well as biophilic design elements such as bringing nature into the workplace with plants using office planters, and making the most of natural light in the office are all great ways to boost morale, well-being, and productivity.


Whether it’s ergonomic furniture, collaborative spaces, or ways to make the office more appealing, these 2023 office furniture trends are a good place to start when revamping your workplace.


For more information about how Whiteley’s can help you design your office space, click here.

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