March 17, 2020

The Power of Greenery to Improve Well-Being

In Whiteleys’ last blog we looked the benefits of creating different breakout spaces where staff will naturally come together to collaborate, in order to increase teamwork. Continuing with the same theme of really considering the office environment, a number of studies have shown how introducing greenery into the office can improve the mood and well-being of workers.

Having plants in the office really does work and it’s not difficult to incorporate this into your planning. Greenery can easily be included as part of the office break-out areas. For example, it can be effectively added to multi-functional office storage dividers. Here you immediately create a more welcoming and natural environment.

Greenery is powerful – Neuroscience proves that it supports well being and healthy workplaces, providing an environment where mood is affected in a positive way. Greenery in offices inspires increased employee engagement and collaboration and helps to reduce stress levels.

It’s all part of creating an environment where employees are more at ease, more open minded and therefore more open to social interaction. . . all helping to improve well-being and employee productivity.

Why not speak with Whiteleys’ experienced and knowledgeable account managers. We will work with you to develop the best plan to meet the needs of your business.

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