September 3, 2020

The Ideal Spot for a Well-Deserved Time Out

We live in stressful times and that means it’s bound to infiltrate the working environment. In fact, work-related stress is one of the most common types. Employers therefore need to do all they can to help create a relaxing atmosphere for their employees during their working days, whilst being supportive to their needs.

It’s surprising and worrying to see the prevalence of stress in the workplace these days. The infographic below might open your eyes to the problem.

There are many ways employers can help reduce workplace stress for their employees, from ensuring that they’re always approachable for employees who need to talk, to offering confidential counselling services. The way the office is designed can also contribute to this, with the addition of a breakout area.

What is a Breakout Area?

If an employee simply needs to disappear from their desk for five minutes, to calm down or to refocus, the breakout area is the ideal place to go. This is a calm area, which is decorated with comfort in mind. The area can also be used as a collaborative spot between two or three employees, but it’s primary function in this case could be to give employees a place to go for a break, or during a break.

Of course, this space also needs to have comfortable breakout furniture. It’s a good idea to avoid furnishing your breakouts spots in the same way as your general office. This space also needs to be out of the office, or at least towards the very back of it, to give plenty of distance between work and the rest area for your employees.

Think about fabric cube seats and pods, rather than tables and chairs. Think about bright colours rather than a mainstream look. This area needs to provide separation from whatever might be causing your employee to need those five minutes to themselves, whilst also giving employees who are simply having a coffee on their regular break, enough space to refocus.

The installation of a breakout furniture, with innovative office furniture included, is also a great way to give visitors a positive impression of your business. It shows that you care about your employees and that you’re focused on reducing stress, whilst ensuring collaboration is high up on the agenda. It pays to think about your design carefully and to shop around for the best London-based office furniture in your area. This means you can check out models before you decide what you want to go for, therefore creating the best breakout area for your employees to use.

This isn’t just another break area, it’s a space that is multi-functional and gives your employees and visitors a glimpse into what you’re about as a business. It shows that you want to help, that you care, and it also shows that you’re a modern business with your finger on the office design pulse.

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