February 24, 2014

Taking Breaks at Work

Whether you work part time or full time, whether you are a public speaker or a personal secretary, it is equally important to take regular, short rests that break up the monotony of the day. Taking a short break of fifteen minutes every few hours can really help with concentration, improve output levels and help to reduce stress in the long run. Sometimes it can be hard to make time for breaks during the day, particularly if you have a busy schedule from nine to five, but taking time out can help refresh you and increase productivity, so take a short rest every now and then!

Fresh Air Go outside! Stepping out of the office, even if only for a minute or two, can really improve your mood. The fresh air will refresh your mind, increase concentration and lift the spirit. Plus if you manage to get caught out on a sunny day, a bit of sunlight can work wonders.

Different Perspective Taking a break allows you to return to the issue at hand with a clearer mind. This may even allow you to look at problems from a different perspective. You’ll be more efficient at solving problems, and it will also reduce your stress levels!

Breakout Area One of the most important things about relaxing is being able to do so in a productive environment. Breakout areas with ample space or at least comfortable chairs and tables can really help to reduce stress. For a collection of top of the range breakout area chairs and tables, have a look at our Breakout Seating section.

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