December 15, 2016

Stunning Bespoke Office Design London

When it comes to office designs, you obviously want the very best one for your organisation. A lot of companies get confused when it comes to their office design layouts, since most of them spend too much time and give importance into the design and whether it reflects the nature and personality of the organisation. So naturally when it comes to designing a stunning bespoke office in London, you need the help of experts who know what it takes to design a completely bespoke office.


Whiteleys Office UK has been offering high quality interior and bespoke office design services to organisations in the United Kingdom for a long time. That is why we are in a much better place to come out with great office designs for clients that are looking for something extra in their office designs. So let’s first get into the importance of a bespoke office design and layout.



Sending a strong message


Every organisation works hard to attract fresh talent off the streets, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through the office design and layout. While the work and the salary packages are incentive enough for most employees, some people also get attracted to a workplace due to the type of interior design and layout the organisation has chosen. It reflects the personality and culture of the organisation, which is why it is important to place great thought into it.

If you want to standout with your office design, why not get a bespoke reception desk or an entire reception area planned out? It will help you send out a strong message to potential employees, about why they should choose to work at your organisation.



Creating social space


The days where employees were only told to work throughout their shifts are long gone. Nowadays, employees need time to relax and have a little fun while at work, which is why it is important that you think about creating social spaces in your workplace. A lot of organisations have already invested in bespoke office design layouts where they get to create a place where employees can get social, share ideas, and inspire one another.


Creating social space in an office design also helps promote the workplace culture, and encourages employees to work harder and place greater trust on their managers.


The concept of collaboration desks


If you really want to standout and create a stunning bespoke office design in London, you need to seriously consider the probability of including collaboration desks into your office design. These desks not only help save space, but also promote a much more fun and relaxed office culture. At the end of the day your main aim should be to ensure that your workforce is happy, stress free and is still able to produce record levels of productivity.


This is the reason why collaboration desks are seen as a great way to not only promote greater collaboration between employees but are also a great addition in the office. If you want to add a stunning bespoke office design in London, get in touch with Whiteleys Office UK today.

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