September 21, 2020

Streamline Your Office Storage For Extra Productivity

When it comes to productivity, every second counts.

Is a business is going to be successful, it needs to be productive. It’s that simple. There are however many things which can interfere with productivity, so it pays to be aware of them.

Designing an office isn’t only about the type of sophisticated office furniture you choose, it’s about how well that office functions. For instance, if your centralised printers are in another room, that means employees are going to have to keep getting up and down all day long and walking into that room, simply to retrieve their copies. That is a lot of time wasted over the space of a day, multiplied by the number of employees you have.

Another functional element is your office storage.

Firstly, where is it situated? Is it in another room entirely? Is it scattered around the office and therefore difficult for employees to find what they’re looking for? Secondly, is it organised? Is it easy to find things in the system you have? Is it lockable? Is it even secure?

There are many questions you need to answer when it comes to find the best storage for your office space. Depending upon what you’re storing within those cabinets, shelves, or cupboards, you also need to think very carefully about privacy and confidentiality too.

Many businesses are choosing to digitalise their storage, but there will always be a need for physical office storage solutions of some kind. Paperless doesn’t walls mean 100% free of all paper, and perhaps it’s not even paper that you need to store. Having items all over the office creates a health and safety risk, whilst severely affecting how organised your office looks.

For that reason, choosing the right type of storage for your office, and of course, placing it in the right area, is key.

Despite the need for it, storage has always had a ‘boring’ tag. It doesn’t do anything spectacular, other than just sit there and hold things, and it doesn’t have another function. That means it’s often overlooked. But, go without storage and see how badly your office functions!

To avoid the boring tag, take a look at the video below, which outlines some creative storage options for your office.

As you can see, storage doesn’t have to be about metal filing cabinets it can be wall storage, it can be individual small units belonging to each employee, it can be small cupboard which run under the window. Storage doesn’t have rules, it simply needs to fit the purpose for that particular office.

What storage has to be however is organised. Whatever you’re storing inside, make sure it’s categorised in a way which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. That saves time, stops the storage option becoming a burden to the space, and ensures that your overall office design remains functional, and therefore as productive as it can be.

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