August 31, 2016

Staff Lockers


If you want to acquire high quality lockers for your staff then you should check out the collection that we have got over here at Whiteleys. The lockers are perfect for staff in offices, as they provide an excellent solution for storing personal or valuable items that are found in the workplace. This also gives the employees peace of mind, since they know that their personal belongings are kept safe and secure, while they go about their workday.

We offer a wide range of cloakroom furniture along with staff lockers. You can also check out our huge array of secure storage options, which can be kept for reception areas, staff rooms, changing rooms, and other areas. These lockers are the best choice for storing valuables, since they provide peace of mind to employees. The staff lockers can also be customized completely, since they come with a wide variety of locking options and can be found in different colours as well.

The advantage we give you

You can be rest assured that the main objective we have at Whiteleys is to provide offices with the best quality staff lockers that are available. These lockers can be delivered at your office whenever you want, and you can request any range of lockers, while they can be found at the lowest possible prices. The best thing about our lockers is that they are available in metal, plastic and wooden materials, which can be customized to fit your storage solutions.

Here are some of the main benefits that you can gain from our storage lockers:

  • Good for usage of small areas
  • When there are a large number of user
  • Functional and smart
  • Various sizes

These staff lockers are made from high quality materials and they ensure that you end up getting the best result in terms of lockers for your employees. We like to make sure that you get the very best lockers in the business, which is why we only work with the best materials for our lockers. You can ensure that you set the right standards for your employees by getting the very best Whiteleys staff lockers in the business.

Whenever you place an order for your staff lockers, we can come to your site, and then measure the area where you want to set up the lockers. We also have designers in our team, who can provide you with free space planning services so that you can take advantage of these lockers in your workspace. After we have measured your area we will make sure that you can fit in all the necessary lockers in the right space in your office. We will also provide you with advice on how to make the best use of the space that we have allocated for your staff lockers.

You can contact us today on 020 8313 3344 in order to discuss the details regarding the locker options we have available, as well as the space requirements for these lockers in your office.

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