February 14, 2017

Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desks

It has been widely promoted over the past few years that is has become quite important to make sure that you move around on a regular basis when working in an office environment. The vast range of sit stand height adjustable desks can help you with this. In fact it is estimated that in Scandinavia 90 percent of office workers have access to sit-stand workstations, whereas in the United Kingdom this is significantly lower.


However businesses here in the UK are starting to recognise the importance of looking after their employee’s wellbeing as a means to maintaining a happy, healthy and therefore productive workforce, and sit stand desking can answer this question.


The range of height adjustable sit stand desks is rapidly expanding and there are many different options available to choose from.


The entry level of the sit stand height adjustable desk range is a simple manual crank type desk, which the user changes height by using a manually adjustable retractable handle.


These are available in Rectangular, Wave, and Left and Right handed consul desk footprints.


Although this is a manual desk it can still have cable management installed.


There is also a bench style option which is manually operated with removable handles. This bench style desking also incorporate cable management and is available in wave, rectangular and angular shapes.


All the desks come in various finishes and colours and can be used with an under desk pedestal for storage.


The next level of sit stand Height Adjustable desking offers the user an electrical version.


Each sit stand module can quickly be adjusted to suit user’s height requirements whilst maintaining the health and lifestyle benefits that a sit stand desk offers.


This electrical version has different control panel options and you can even change the height of the desk remotely by using a blue tooth adapter and a paired smart device.


The different control panels are as follows:


Type One Control Panel

Ideal for users who only require up and down functions

Type Two Control Panel

As well as up and down functions this panel can be programmed and stored with up to 3 set heights

Type Three Control Panel

This offers a digital display to show the heights

Type Four Control Panel

This shows all the functionality with an added feature that is reminds you when to stand and tracks when the desk is used and displays calories burned.


All the sit stand desks offer a 5 year motor/moving parts guarantee and a 10 year structural guarantee.


From individual sit stand Height adjustable desks you can form large spaces so you can have a group of people in the same area with desks that can be changed independently or positioned in clusters giving the individual user or teams the ability to still be together but able to fine tune their own specific levels.


These again come in various formats such as single wave, desks, double wave desks, workstations.


There is also a brand new level of sit stand height adjustable desks that even offer you a fully integrated squared version which means you can create a double square desk system.  This means that users can either sit or stand individually and still be in nearby proximity working all on the same desk.


This creates the ultimate modern office where users have complete control over their preferences for sitting or standing.

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