Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Consultancy London

Whiteleys are able to offer you a quality workplace assessment service

These are carried out by highly qualified and widely experienced staff. This service will enable us to assess on your behalf your employee’s desk and working environment set up.

During this assessment we can analyse any possible risk factors that may be causing or could cause problems in the future for your employees who sit in front of a computer terminal for long periods during the day.

This assessment is most important for your employee’s wellbeing, and can also be good at improving work performance that may be inhibited by poor posture.

It is a legal requirement that employees are provided with a safe workplace that meets all statutory regulations such as the Health & Safety Executives Screen Equipment Regulations (1992) and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Workstation Assessment

We can then arrange to visit your premises to assess any individual or group of individuals and analyse their working posture, and the equipment that they use in front of a computer terminal on a regular daily basis.

This detailed analysis will provide you with a full report on their workstation layout, posture, and all ergonomic requirements for compliance particularly within the Health & Safety Executives Display Screen Regulations (1992).

From the report you can then be able to see if anything needs to be changed to enhance and improve the individual’s daily ergonomic requirements. You will then be able to see if there needs to be any additional equipment provided such as ergonomic chairs, sit stand desks or risers, or other ergonomic equipment such as footrests, monitor risers or monitor screen covers.

Other assessments we can provide assistance on are

  • Specialist assessment for help with ergonomics for disabled employees disabilities

  • Full ergonomic workplace consultancy

  • Pregnant work assessment to help employees who are pregnant be comfortable at work. With possible advice on a pregnancy chair that can be more suitable for pregnant people.

  • Remote workstation assessment. This is for employees who work away from home or in offices in remote locations.

Chair Assessment

One of the main areas we can offer a great ergonomic workplace solution is by using our free chair assessment. We have a very simple form that can initially be filled in to assess the best ergonomic needs for that particular person. From this form we can then decide on the best chair to put forward.

Included in this service is a free sample chair option.

This means you can then possibly trial chairs before you buy.

This is a perfect idea as we delivery the chair for your particular employee.

We then adjust the chair accordingly for that person regarding height, size etc using all the various mechanisms available on the chair which usually includes seat height, seat slide adjustment, armrest height and lumbar support.

Once you have used the chair for a period of time we can then assess whether it is the right one for that person.

Why not contact us now and speak to one of our friendly customer service team who can discuss with you your specific workplace assessment requirements. or fill in our contact form and we can then call or email you back.

Workplace Consultancy

Workplace consultancy can cover many angles of work. It can be about interrogating the space that you occupy and how you interact with it, to the actual work practices that go on inside the corporate walls.

At Whiteleys we work with companies based across the UK including London to help them create inspirational workplace environments by interrogating our clients’ current working practices, both from physical spaces to work practices themselves.

Office space is an expensive investment for companies and it needs to work for you to protect that spend and to maximize the productivity outputs of your staff within it, to make sure it’s working hard from you. Physical workplace consultancy looks at space utilisation, and cultural practices and interactions within that space, as well as planning for future growth.

The other aspect to workplace consultancy is to look at you as a business practice. Our consultants work with you to consider any associated change management procedures that may streamline your business practices. We want to help you understand yourselves, your business aims, and more importantly help you understand your staff and how they function together.

At Whiteleys, we can work with you on either aspect or both aspects of workplace consultancy from the simple furniture and/or storage audits and space reconfigurations, to full workplace audits which will provide you with the holistic analysis mentioned above to how your organisation is functioning.

This level of detail is usually performed by interviews/questionnaires. Also focus groups with your staff, as well as observation exercises by our staff.

Working with our workplace consultants, you can expect to learn more about how your organisation functions, bench mark it against others in your industry sector and examine whether there are any workplace trends that are right for you to be adopting to make your teams successful, more productive and/or cost efficient.

The result we hope is that you come to a better understanding of any future workplaces that you want to develop, or how to change and improve your current ways of working out intention is to give you the tools to help foster some best practices in workplace trends. From our research with you and your company we would produce a report for you with some practical suggestions for implementation. We would then work out with an implementation schedule to make sure that these changes are adopted, and adopted successfully.


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