April 9, 2019

Reconfigurable, Modular Storage and Zoning System: What Shape Will You Create?

The Novus is a multi-functional office storage room divider that is formed from a steel frame and enhanced with beautiful wooden elements. This adaptable furniture is inspired by the need for flexible working environments, resulting in a workspace that nurtures creativity, collaboration, productivity and overall well being, to create customised spaces within an open-plan work space.

When moving to a new building it can be dismantled and easily rebuilt ‘as is.’ If your needs’ change, the system can be added to or split-up and reconfigured in different ways to suit the fluid requirements of the business.


How Will You Use It?

Once the basic steel layout of the office storage room divider is chosen and the frame colour is selected, there are a broad range of coordinated pieces to choose from, from boxes, planters, lockers, sliding door cubicles, shelving  and lighting– and even acoustic elements can be included.

The frame can be bridged to accommodate TV displays or centre pieces.

Great for Creating Zones in Open Plan Offices

The system can be as compact or as extensive as needed. Create zones to suit your work force and make a large open plan office feel more intimate and inviting. For example, by combining tables and seating with the storage, you create an informal meeting area and office storage room divider separate from the main office.

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