Mailroom Document Sorters


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  • versatile sorting solution
  • freestanding option
  • desk option
  • stackable

Mailroom Document Sorters

Our paper and document sorting solution is strong but very versatile, whether to use as a freestanding unit on a desk, on shelves or in cupboards.

Choose from 2 different compartment heights – standard and jumbo.  They can be combined easily with each other.  Additional compartments can always be stacked onto the base units.  Simply fit the components together without using any tools.

Docusort Duo

Width – 485mm – Standard Height – 51mm (internal) Jumbo Height – 127mm (internal)

Docusort Trio

Width – 723mm – Standard Height – 51mm (internal) Jumbo Height – 127mm (internal)


Top and base panels – Black or Grey – Sides Black, Grey, Blue, Red.

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