Portable Storage Lockers


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  • Flexible personal storage
  • Integrated with general office storage
  • Create your own workspace
  • Bright moder colours and design

“Create your own workplace on the move using a portable box”

There has been a new revolutionary advancement in the trend of office working in relation to the need for a secure mobile storage box.

This has mainly emerged because of the demise of the traditional pedestal style that has been used in the past in many organisations. This is because of the increase in bench desks being installed as an alternative desk space in offices to the normal standard individual desk with its own pedestal for storage.

The bench desk has therefore introduced a central stage type of working area and there is no room for individual storage next to each person working but there is obviously still a requirement for individual storage to hold personal and business effects.

Whiteleys can offer a high profile MFC locker range available in many different colours and sizes to hold the portable storage locker in a separate area if they need to be visible in the office area.

The personal portable storage box allows the work to be removed from the office to another location or taken home for home working if required.

The portable box is fitted with a lock enabling safe and confidential transportation of work and personal effects.

The box has a flexible interior that can store tablets, laptops, phones, personal files and personal items.

In fact everything you need quickly to hand and ready to make your workspace comfortable and organised.

You can carry technology safely and use the optional table and smart phone stand to create your own workspace wherever you want.
Creating personal “hot desking” anywhere.

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