Personal Effects Lockers


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  • Functional and stylish solutions
  • Secure personal storage
  • Suitable for public or commercial areas
  • Choice of door compartments

“Great for secure storage of valuable personal items at work”

Personal effect lockers are an ideal way of providing within your office environment a secure storage for smaller personal items which means increased security in the workspace.

These lockers are ideal for the storage of watches, personal jewellery, wallets, purses and mobile phones.
Different door and height sizes available.

They come with a cam lock for individual keys and a sloping top option. These can also be stackable with nesting holes to form banks.

Choose from versatile “Freestanding” or “In Built” locker units for all your workplace personal storage requirements.

There is an option of a recessed plinth detail designed to help you maximise space in the most flexible way whilst integrating the personal effects lockers into any office space.

These lockers can easily blend in with any other office furniture or decor you already have in place.

All MFC or steel available

Flexible heights
Standard widths 300mm, 400mm, 500mm

Flexible depth

Various colours in matt gloss and various wood grain finishes.
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