Floor To Ceiling Contemporary Storage


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  • Multiple use for display and storage
  • Various finishes
  • Contemporary and bright
  • Made to any specification
  • Adds design to any work place

“Contemporary, bright, modern, fully flush storage”

Whiteleys can arrange for your own specific Graphics to be applied to doors and partition  to present your own corporate message or theme.

Individually designed and manufactured to maximise all available space by fitting from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

The storage wall can be installed against any existing wall (wall backing) or be used to form the wall (wall dividing). Units can be designed to fit around elements within the building structure to provide the maximum storage whilst maintaining a fluid feel to the working environment.

Whiteleys can supply an infinitely amount of flexible floor to ceiling contemporary storage wall solutions that can be individually designed to meet you exact requirements.

Whatever your specification or budget we can offer you a variety of finishes, internal storage fittings, waved or even curved doors and graphic panels.
We can design your wall that reflects the style of your company and its environment whether you want to present a strong contemporary look or traditional style.

Why not contact us now and speak to one of our friendly team on 020 8313 3344 to discuss you specific needs and arrange for a quotation or even a free site visit for us to measure up your room and make suitable suggestions for you and work within any timescale or budget


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