Office Glass Partitioning

You want an office partition to increase privacy and reduce noise pollution but you don’t want to take away from the open plan design of the office? With our office glass partitioning, you get the added privacy without making the office feel cramped and closed off. We offer bespoke design to suit your individual company’s needs to fit any shape or space. Plus all of our office glass partitioning is installed as per the latest health and safety guidelines.

The open plan glass partitioning adds privacy and noise pollution reduction, and can also be finished with frosted glass or with your company logo transferred onto the glass. We have frameless glass or glass set within a variety of stained timber to fit the tone of any office space. It gives the impression of added security and privacy without making the office seem smaller. There are a variety of designs, both traditional and contemporary, to fit any tone of business, and all our glass is reinforced for extra security.

Keen to make an order? Why not contact us on 02083 133344 for more information or email us at and we can discuss your business’s specific needs. We offer free delivery to businesses across the UK including London and Kent.

System 5500

  • High quality design
  • Various timber frames
  • Traditional or modern office
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System 5500 Legno

  • Bespoke design
  • Fits any area
  • Full planning and site survey
  • Fire rating advice
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System 2000

  • Stunning open meeting room
  • Privacy yet open plan
  • Company logo transfers for glass
  • Acoustic advice
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System 4000

  • Traditional and contemporary
  • Various glazed finish
  • Timber stained to match any colour
  • Security
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System 6000 Designer

  • Perfect for large atrium styles
  • Durable glass
  • Frameless glass
  • Minimum framework
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System 8000

  • Modern and designer
  • Lighting integrated effect
  • Environmental
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System 8500 Elite

  • Glass pod workstation
  • Futuristic yet affordable
  • No timber work
  • Stunning effect in open plan office
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System 7000

  • Standard glass panelling
  • Secure and strong
  • Bright and open
  • Yet private and secure
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System 5000

  • Various door and handle finishes
  • Various sizes
  • Glass door lockable and secure
  • Delivered fully assembled
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