Call Centre Screens

At Whiteleys Office Supplies, we understand how important it is for increased privacy when conducting phone conferences and client calling. Therefore we have several solutions in keeping with the tone of your business, whatever your needs.

For both calling centres and more specifically directed office blocks, Whiteleys can provide all manner of call centre partitioning. We have a variety of products suited to fit any office, large or small, traditional or contemporary, with a range of different privacy levels depending on what you need for your company. We can also provide desktop units with plug and play functionality, so that your computing experience does not suffer from added privacy, plus with clustered partitioning we can provide added privacy to offices with limited desk space. In a variety of colours and finishes, we have call centre screens that can be suited to any office tone.

For more information on the vast range of high quality products we can provide businesses in London, Kent and across the UK, with delivery to anywhere in the mainland, please email us at or give us a call and speak to a friendly member of the team on 02083 133344. We will work with you to ensure that you have all the office supplies and furniture that you need to keep working to maximum effect.

Individual Call Centre Booths

  • compact use of partitioning
  • separate booths for privacy
  • cost effective options
  • good use of small spaces
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Call centre cluster partitioning

  • half open partitioning
  • designed for specific call centre grouping
  • storage facilities
  • offers privacy in a large workplace area
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Modular Partitioning

  • flexible system
  • innovative solutions
  • panel mounted configurations
  • various finishes and colours
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Open Space Partitioning

  • minimum amount of partitioning
  • suited to open teamwork situations
  • open and clean lines
  • large workspace are
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Contemporary Call Centre Partitioning

  • cluster partitioning
  • contemporary and bright
  • good use of technology and cable management
  • various matching accessories
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Panel Mounted Partitioning

  • where desk legs are not required
  • desktop units with plug and play
  • tool rail monitor arms
  • suspended shelves
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Hot Desk Partitioning

  • just plug in
  • flexible workstation partitioning
  • hot desking solutions
  • good use of workplace
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Bench Style Partitioning

  • linear clusters
  • posts and legs shared back to back
  • side to side configurations
  • integrated lighting
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