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  • acoustic storage
  • soaks up the sound energy
  • attractive and efficient
  • softens the noise levels

“Why not complete your acoustic range with matching storage”

Every surface within the office environment is capable of increasing the reverberation time and hence the overall noise level.  Storage units are some of the worst offenders, providing opportunities for sound waves to be not just reflected but in some cases amplified.

Each acoustic storage has a special profile geometry with punched holes along the length of the profile and an effective system inside the hollow section.  The acoustic non woven fabric inside acts an absorption material, soaking up the sound energy when it enters the profile and at the same time preventing it from re-emerging.

Acoustics for

  • Furniture
  • Ceilings
  • Walls and Windows
  • Floors
  • Noise Masking Systems

Please let us help you with our experitse in acoustic management that we have developed which is a unique and simple system that offers acoustic “scoring” of office environments quickly and easily assessing the reverberation time of every space. A design solution is then produced that will allow the creation of acoustically efficient and therefore productive working spaces.

A full range including

  • screens with acoustic foam and fabrics for effective noise control
  • wall art with acoustic absorption combining attractive design for the office with acoustics
  • acoustic blinds in a wide range of weaves colours and finishes
  • moveable screens means that you can place sound absorption wherever you need it
  • storage fitted with fabric covered acoustic foam
  • absorbing overhead acoustic ceiling tiles
  • carpet surfaces with narrow deep pores that effectively absorb sound allowing acoustic energy to enter the pile of the carpet before being reduced through the effects of friction reducing inter floor noise effectively

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