Acoustic Office Screens

Sometimes it is the subtle differences in an office that reduce noise pollution and in turn increase privacy and security. With Whiteleys Office Supplies, we can provide you with a huge selection of high quality products that reduce noise pollution both from the outside world and between desks, including acoustic office screens, ensuring that you are able to work effectively in a private and distraction free environment.

With the huge level of city growth in recent years in the UK, more and more buildings are being transformed into office space wherever possible, which can take place in buildings not specifically built for that purpose. So we here at Whiteleys are dedicated to providing solutions that aid in privacy and the reduction of noise pollution. We have a large range of products, from fabric noise reduction blinds, acoustic ceiling baffles and mobile acoustic screens. Plus, our huge range of designs and colours will ensure that you can easily choose a product that fits with the tone of your business.

Like the look of our acoustic office screens? For more information on our products and services, get in touch by calling 02083 133344 or email us at if you wish to make an order. We can deliver to offices across the UK including London, Surrey and Kent, so now it is easier than ever to get all your top quality office products from Whiteleys Office Supplies.


  • reduces inter floor noises
  • absorbs sound
  • acoustic tiles/carpets
  • renewable modular carpet

“Quality Acoustic Carpet range with free measuring service”

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Mobile Acoustic Screens

  • Use of thick acoustic lamps foam
  • Offers privacy both visually and acoustically
  • Aluminium frame
  • Easily movable screening

“Easy to move and store to create instant acoustic meeting space”

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Floorstanding Acoustic Screens

  • Optimises sound in break out areas
  • Acoustic foam in various colours
  • Large and small sizes
  • Very effective at noise control

“Full range of floorstanding acoustic screens in modern contemporary colours”

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Desk Mounted Acoustic Office Screen

  • Sound proof desk screens
  • Entry level acoustic screen
  • Good Noise Reduction
  • various sizes and colours

“inexpensive way for privacy on busy bench desk”

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Acoustic Office Panels

  • absorbing overheads
  • free hanging acoustic ceiling
  • good sound absorption
  • panels

“Wall mounted or ceiling panels to match in with colour scheme of office”

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  • acoustic storage
  • soaks up the sound energy
  • attractive and efficient
  • softens the noise levels

“Why not complete your acoustic range with matching storage”

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  • Low emission blinds fabric
  • Sound absorbing materials
  • Great acoustic solutions
  • Aesthetically pleasing and acoustically effective

Combine normal fabric blinds with high technology acoustic material”

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  • absorbing overheads
  • reducing reverberations
  • acoustic alternative to normal tiles
  • superior sound absorption

“Ecophon material offers you superior sound absorption tiles”

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Extra Thick Acoustic Screen

  • moveable screens
  • privacy on the move
  • flexible system
  • instant acoustics

“thick and robust acoustics foam choose from straight or curve screens”

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  • Aluminium Framed Screens
  • Tiled Acoustic System
  • Flexibility
  • Reduces noise pollution effectively

“create modern individual booths to work within a loud open plan office”

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  • suspended panels
  • absorbing overheads
  • free hanging acoustic ceiling
  • where wall to wall ceiling is not possible

“noise travels through the air so by installing ceiling baffles this will reduce the sound within a room excellently”

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  • the silent screen
  • various shapes and sizes
  • sound absorbent material
  • various designs and colours

“the most beautiful way to reduce noise fabulous hanging airflakes and leaves in wonderful colours”

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