Office Partitions in London, UK

While the open plan office is extremely popular at the moment, there are still some situations which will call for divisions to be made in the office layout. For example, if one team is particularly noisy or another needs total concentration, it makes sense to give them their own secluded space within the office, which is why Whiteleys stocks a range of office partitions suitable for a variety of different office environments and purposes.

We are able to supply you with screens to separate desks if your workers often find themselves distracted by other workers across the desk, along with large freestanding models to create clear barriers between different departments and sections of the office. There are also portable screens available when you need temporary privacy or for short term projects, and we even stock screens which offer acoustic reduction for a noise-cancelling effect for staff members who need a quiet working environment.

Whiteleys is proud to stock a range of durable, high quality office furniture, ranging from high-end office chairs to professional boardroom furniture. If you are looking for office partitions, feel free to browse our product range and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with queries. And remember we offer free delivery to businesses in London, Kent and the rest of the UK.

Desktop Office Screens

Desktop screens can offer the workplace as much or as little privacy as required.

  • Various sizes and heights
  • Straight or wave options
  • Acoustic options available
  • Fabric or acrylic versions
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Floor Standing Office Screens

Floor standing screens can transform an open floor plan office to create semi permanent or permanent areas for breakout or creative workspaces

  • Various heights and widths
  • Toughened safety glass options
  • Novelty glass versions
  • Matching accessories
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Acoustic Office Screens

We are able to help you analyse your acoustic environment and product a report rating your offices acoustic efficiency.

  • Optimises sound in break out areas
  • Ceiling systems to reduce noise levels
  • Attractive panel options
  • Use of thick acoustic lamps foam
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Call Centre Screens

Transform any area whether large or small into a separate call centre work station. By the use of screening this can provide adequate privacy yet encourage teamwork.

  • Flexible systems
  • Various colours and finishes
  • Clusters, partitioning or bench style
  • Secure cable management
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Portable Display Office Screens

Use portable and display screening to act as a multipurpose partitioning using display boards or whiteboard to segregate areas in a flexible way

  • Elegant and flexible options
  • Creates stylish meetings in an instant
  • Maximises space
  • Mobile wall dividing portioning with shelves
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Office Partitioning

Using cellular office partitioning means that open plan offices can deliver the same scope of workspace offered by the combination of fixed cellular space and open plan areas.

  • Complete flexibility
  • Fully assembled on site
  • Grow or reduce in size to suit any particular project
  • Contemporary or traditional options
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Office Workpods

Modular self contained systems that can be used in modern organisations. This flexible solution can be used to provide creative areas in any size in any room.

  • Offers flexible quiet room areas
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Everything contained in one small workpod
  • Breakout rooms created efficiently
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Office Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning, suiting traditional or modern offices. We can offer a full planning and site survey with fire rating advice.

  • Company logo or designer transfer for glass panels
  • Acoustic advice
  • Secure and durable
  • Privacy yet open plan feel
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Office Wall Art and Display

Wall art can be used to transfer any working environment to suit all tastes. There are various artwork options as standard or we can discuss your specific bespoke artwork requirements.

  • Offers acoustic reduction
  • Creates a company ambience
  • Offers a relaxing or stimulating workplace
  • Various sizes and advice
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