Breakout Seating Chairs

Breakout Seating

Breakout seating is available in areas where guests and staff can go to escape from meetings or just take five minutes from their computer screens. They are also places for informal meetings and are a great opportunity to bring a sense of style to the office space.

Whiteleys have a fantastic range of breakout seating options that includes single seats, modular designs and larger bench style seating.

Make your breakout point a talking point with seating options from Whiteleys. Our range of breakout seating is available for delivery in London, Kent and the rest of the UK. Download your FREE product catalogue today or get in touch to find out more.

Breakout Seating


Aden is the perfect breakout chair for when some privacy is required in a com...

From £994

Breakout Seating

Away From Desk

Perfect for the rapidly changing needs of the workplace as we move away from ...

From £478

Breakout Seating

Boundary Office Seating

From £POA

Breakout Seating


A vast range of modern chairs and stools which offer ultimate design, functio...

From £328

Breakout Seating


Easily portable armchair, back chair & upholstered stool designed for functio...

From £563

Breakout Seating


Hay is a precision made and comfortable upright armchair that not only offers...

From £565

Breakout Seating

Network Landscapes

Perfect for making networking fun and relaxed, this chair brings style and at...

From £797

Breakout Seating


A portable upholstered stool perfect for bringing a modern twist and usabilit...

From £301

Breakout Seating


A high quality upholstered & compact armchair, back chair and stool. Made for...

From £280

Breakout Seating


A highly mobile tub chair made for ultimate comfort and support with a vast r...

From £948

Breakout Seating


Track is a classic relaxed lounge chair which is the perfect complement for a...

From £506


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