Educational Reception Desks


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  • Bespoke specification
  • Full planning and design
  • Compact
  • Matching finish options 

The first area that all visitors experience and see when they arrive at your office is the reception. As the famous saying goes; ‘first impressions count’; so why not make your reception an impressive one with our Educational Reception Desks. One that reflects the personality and ambition of your School, College or University. Reception areas can be used for many reasons. One is the obvious meet and greet. Two is a waiting area; with breakout seating this gives you the chance to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our Educational Reception Desks can be customised anyway you wish and can be any size you require.

Table Top

Glass : Clear, Frosted, Painted or Tinted.

Painted :  Silver, Black or White.

Edging : Square,  Deep Square, Chamfered, Solid Chamfered,  Black, Wenge or Aerofoil.

Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs


Base : Silver, Steel,  White, Aluminium, Chrome, Wood.

Also come in various shapes and sizes

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