Educational Cafe and Breakout Areas

In every good learning environment there is a break out area where children, young adults and teachers can go to relax and eat their lunch in a stress free area. At Whiteleys we have a wide range of comfortable chairs and tables in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, made to suit your individual school or college needs.

Available in a traditional wood range, or more lifestyle A51 seating and lifestyle lotus seating in several colours, our range of furniture has something suited to every college, whatever suits the environment you want for your breakout area. For teachers lounges we have a range of upholstered leather and fabric chairs designed for comfort and relaxation. We have a variety of dining tables and chairs, suited to be durable yet light and easily stacked away for multi-purpose halls.

If you have a query on our quality range of breakout and dining chairs and other furniture, please call us on 02083 133344 or email us at for more information. Plus we deliver, install and assemble furniture across the UK including London, all in one sitting, to ensure complete satisfaction. Furthermore we can tailor all our furniture to fit to your specific size and colour guidelines, so that your furniture is completely unique to your school.

Lifestyle A51 Seating

  • Techno polymer bi-colour shell
  • Bright contemporary range
  • Chairs and stools
  • Ideal for break out and dining
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Chair With Upholstered Seat

  • Beech or dark walnut
  • Wood finish
  • Upholstered in leather or fabric
  • Elegant dining
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Lifestyle Lotus Seating

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Welded frame construction
  • Matching tables
  • Various types of chairs
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Egis Moulded Chair

  • Selection of colours
  • In or outdoors
  • Stackable option
  • Contemporary and bright
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Cubes and Rounds

  • Fun yet practical seating
  • Available in various configurations
  • Perfect for break out areas
  • Various sizes
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  • Upholstered lounge chairs
  • Either table work or more relaxed setting
  • Single or two tone leather/fabric
  • Or external back show wood
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  • Clean lines and simple
  • Fabric or leather options
  • Various colours
  • Quality and competitive
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Gate Bench

  • Diversity of functions
  • Simplicity of form
  • Achieve subtle affect or something more exuberant
  • Choice of fabric
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Student Union

  • Simple plywood stool
  • Or fully upholstered with arms
  • Steel rod frame
  • Footrest at front and back
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