Cockpit Height Adjustable Desks


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  • Comfort
  • Posture Improvement
  • Unique Design
  • Free CAD & Space planning
  • Will Assemble on site

Cockpit Height Adjustable Desks is an ideal ergonomic sit-to-stand desk solution for users who need a large L-shaped height-adjustable workspace and also want to get closer to the work surface. Cockpit Height Adjustable Desks are available in many different Classic designed work tops that can come in any shape and size or design. Cockpit Height Adjustable Desks support you and will help with any posture support that you may need.

Table Top

Glass : Clear, Frosted, Painted or Tinted.

Wood : White, Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Varnished, Wenge or Walnut.

Painted :  Silver, Black or White.

Edging : Square,  Deep Square, Chamfered, Solid Chamfered,  Black, Wenge or Aerofoil.

Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs


Base : Silver, Steel,  White, Aluminium, Chrome, Wood.

Also come in various shapes and sizes

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