Small Reception Desks

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Our small reception desks still can be grand and designer as the rest of the reception desks, size will not matter as you can still impress everyone that will walk through your doors. small reception desks can also have interchangeable base, top & counter. Base units can be specified with cut back panels providing clear legroom when adjacent modules are linked. This flexible collection can cater for a variety of front-office requirements whilst offering a robust structure and cost-effective solution. 25mm tops and panels finished with 3mm high impact resistant polypropylene edging. A selection of board finishes for office furniture are available. Whatever small area you have, we can arrange for a free site visit to advise on the best size small reception desk to fit any size of area to ensure that your front of house looks as impressive as possible for you Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs Please contact our friendly customer sales team on 020 8313 3344 for further information or send us your enquiry on the form below or on our contact us page.

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