Salon Reception Desks

Salon Reception Desks

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Salon reception desks can be designed to suit all available budgets and will fully integrate with any decor that you desire. Choose from various options with materials such as marble, granite, glass, fabric and metal with the natural look and feel of real wood, you can be as bold or subtle as you like or to match the rest of the office environment. Salon reception desks can be shaped and sized to how you would like to fit in your reception area comfortably.

These can offer you an inexpensive solution to the modern reception area. Choose from a vast range of shapes and sizes providing a superb functional and eye catching solution to your compact reception desking area. The modular furniture system offers flexibility to suit your changing needs.

Free CAD Furniture Design and space planning. All products delivered fully assembled.

Table Top

Glass : Clear, Frosted, Painted or Tinted.

Wood : White, Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Varnished, Wenge or Walnut.

Painted : Silver, Black or White.

Edging : Square, Deep Square, Chamfered, Solid Chamfered, Black, Wenge or Aerofoil.

Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs


Base : Silver, Steel, White, Aluminium, Chrome, Wood.

Also come in various shapes and sizes

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