Bespoke Reception Desks


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  • Digitally 4D created space planning
  • Contemporary and traditional styles
  • Available in all sizes
  • Bespoke to corporate identity
  • Gloss, matt and glass specifications
  • Illuminated frontage for extra wow factor
  • Modular upon specification, seamless upon installation
  • Three height options of 750mm, 900mm and 1100mm as standard
  • Translucent branding, LED skirting and sign in platform as options
  • Desk can be handed to the Left or Right
  • Cable management and storage included as standard


Let us help you design your own unique and bespoke reception desk to any specification.

We can help you create and enhance the exact mood and corporate identity you are looking for whenever anyone enters into your company with a reception counter designed to enhance this for you.

We can incorporate company logos or messages on the counter and offer a traditional or contemporary image for you with various colours and finishes.


Examples of reception surfaces





We can incorporate back lit lighting in various colours to give your reception that extra wow factor

Any size available from very large reception desks to very compact.

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