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  • Flexible & Practical
  • Cabling via Central Hub
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  • Free CAD Design & Planning
  • Delivered & Installed Free of Charge

Modular or bench systems that can be used in modern organisations when a flexible system is required.


  • strong clean lines
  • panels in numerous finishes and materials
  • can be configured into customer facing clusters
  • panelling can provide privacy whilst cable management can be used to control the desired services
  • cellular office layouts or pods.

A combination of shapes, panel finishes and use of suspended accessories can achieve informal meeting or breakout areas making use of any natural light whilst offering privacy and functionality.

Panel mounted configuratons where legs are not required.
Desk top units can provide various users with “plug and play” facilities for easy access to services whilst tool rails, monitor arms and suspended shelving can free up your limited footprint workspace.

Being able to configure the system to meet user needs allows it to accomodate technological or ergonomic requirements with ease.

  • selection of matching, single or double sided storage units for use above or below desk tops
  • units can be positioned within easy reach of the users whilst providing additional stand height worksurfaces.
  • modern, bench style footprints in linear clusters or using curved elements.
  • posts and legs can be shared back to back and side to side configurations.

The areas can be dressed to be as sophisticated or as  stripped down as necessary and the modular system can be reconfigured or added to at a later date to meet organisations ever changing requirements.

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