Height Adjustable Desk

Rise Squared Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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Bench Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks are available in a variety of bespoke sizes and can be specified with fixed or fully adjustable height facility. Our Bench Height Adjustable Desks can be made perfect for each employee, our helpful team will assemble the furniture and modify to each employee on site. The Bench Height Adjustable Desks are the most popular for work places that cater for a lot of employees or colleges with lots of students. This strong structure furniture will be very loyal and is easy to maintain and adjust. Table Top Glass : Clear, Frosted, Painted or Tinted. Wood : White, Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Varnished, Wenge or Walnut. Painted : Silver, Black or White. Edging : Square, Deep Square, Chamfered, Solid Chamfered, Black, Wenge or Aerofoil. Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs Legs Base : Silver, Steel, White, Aluminium, Chrome, Wood. Also come in various shapes and sizes

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