Managers Desks


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  • Individual manager workstations
  • Any desk size layout
  • Matching manager style furniture
  • Veneer and wood finishes
  • Customisable design
  • Free space planning and design


Within an office environment there needs to be a streamlined feel to the furniture layout.  Within this layout there sometimes needs an area within the office where a manager can be positioned in a discreet but prominent position to overview all the day to day workings.

The manager will required a good quality sturdy and large workspace area and with the possible advantage of having an add-on to the desk.  This can then be used as a quick informal meeting area should the need arise to discuss something with particular members of staff.

Within this large open plan office there may also be the need for suitable screens to hold informal meetings and these can be floor standing or even have strong acoustic foam which will mean that any informal meeting is still confidential so no one can be over heard even with in a very busy office.

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