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When creating a modern working environment that incorporates a good collaboration feel, the collaboration office furniture you decide upon needs to create an environment that is, relaxed and creative, and where various team members can meet together for their next collaboration meeting, or maybe just an impromptu brainstorming session.

These collaborative office areas needs to have a collection of flexible comfortable pieces that be moved around quickly and simply to work together.

The collaboration furniture can incorporate a high backed hub style seating or a large restaurant style bench, various breakout chairs and small rounds or module seating.  The area also needs to be able to incorporate up to date technology such as media consoles, tv and interactive whiteboards plus maybe even a traditional whiteboard for writing ideas on during the meetings.

The collaboration furniture will also need to include both open and private meeting areas.

The desking area in the collaboration zone can range from deck style desks which come away from a wall with either stools or lower comfortable seating depending on the height of the desk style desks.

The most advantageous of desking within a collaboration area is either a folding table of various sizes which can almost immediately create more of a working space but which can also easily be stored away when not in use. Or a height adjustable desk to change or lower the height setings whenever you want to change the collaboration meeting style.

The Seating in a collaboration zone can include very soft comfortable relaxed seats or stools and normal style operator chairs that can easily be adjusted to become higher for collaboration areas with taller tables

If you are looking for a modern desk then whiteleys can provide a full range of collaboration office furniture.

We can offer you a vast choice of designer office furniture that will mean top quality finishes and the most up to date design

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