Corner Office Desks


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  • L shape and corner desks
  • Designed to fit any corner
  • Fits any space
  • Various finishes and styles
  • Space saving formation
  • Free space planning and design

When designing a new office layout there will usually be an area of the office that requires a special shaped desk to make full use of all the space available.

One of the main types of these areas can involve a corner shaped desk requirement. This usually needs to be specially designed to not only fit in with the rest of the desking layout but careful measurement needs to be taken as even the smallest wrong size can make a difference to get the desk right to fit into that specific corner area.

We can carry out these measurements for you with no obligation to purchase. Designs can be drawn up and changed if necessary until you are completely happy with all the furniture that is suggested. Within this detailed plan you will be able to see how the corner desk can be fitted.

You can even see the design in 3D which will be bring alive how the actual office will look.

Corner desks can be either right handed or left handed curved and of any width depth or height.

Various finishes and colours can be supplied and matching pedestals and storage.

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