Call Centre Desks


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  • Functional Flexible & Practical
  • Full cable management
  • Various desk clusters configurations
  • Screens to provide privacy
  • Optimises call centre space
  • Free space planning and design

When planning a call centre area it is not only important to use the space as efficiently as possible but also to have suitable call centre style desks installed.

Call centres can range from a small office area where just a few call centre operatives are making calls up to a vast warehouse style area with hundreds of operatives using the telephone at the same time.

In all these situations there needs to be a good sized working area for each operative to work at and the desk that they are working from needs to be the best for that particular workspace area and to provide a comfortable place to work from.

Our call centre configurations are available in

  • Various finishes
  • Fully assembled and installed
  • Prefigured clusters with a central column that acts as a cable management post
  • Call centre desks based on a workbenches with sliding tops that can hold many different cables neatly and tidily away from the day to day area each operative is working from which aids health and safety and creates more workspace available.

To compliment the type of call centre desks you decide upon we can also supply various screens that can either act as just a basic screen to separate each user or can be a strong acoustic style that will absorb the sounds within the call centre environment to reduce the noise level that can be created when various people are on the telephone on a call centre situation.

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