Computer Office Desk in London

The majority of our working day is centred on being in an office and a high percentage of this includes computer work.

It is therefore very important that the desk you use suits the particular area that you work in and also suits the size and dimension of the computer you are using.

You can choose from modern office desks to sit stand desks all in various shapes, styles and colours.

You may work in an environment where all the computers are a standard size but you require different types of desks within the building for different departments. You may want Luxury office desks in one are and a need for Corner office desks for a specific shaped room in another.

For instance if you are a call centre you will want to use as much space used efficiently as possible but still ensuring that each operative has a comfortable working space for their computer desk to help them have a comfortable working day when working in a room full of lots of computers and people working at different paces and with different work jobs.

Full space planning can be arranged to help you decide on what best computer desk to purchase. This is a free service and we can advise you on the best option for your available space and the number of people requiring a computer desk. Plans can be drawn up and agreed before you actually go ahead with the supply and assembly of your office computer desk purchase to suit all solutions for you.

Corner Office Desks

  • L shape and corner desks
  • Designed to fit any corner
  • Fits any space
  • Various finishes and styles
  • Space saving formation
  • Free space planning and design
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Classic Desks

  • Real wood veneer
  • High quality
  • Bespoke design
  • Craftsman built
  • Beautiful wood grain
  • Wire and cable management
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Luxury Office Desks

  • Luxurious quality
  • High end design
  • Bespoke or from stock
  • Various colours
  • Real wood veneer or glass
  • Matching luxury office furniture
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Designer Computer Desks

  • Top Brands
  • European Designers
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Glass or wood veneer
  • Innovative designs
  • Beautifully crafted
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Estate Agent Desks

  • Various colours and finishes
  • Matching storage
  • Creates brand image for clients
  • Screens for client meetings
  • Optimises estate agent space
  • Free space planning and design
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Call Centre Desks

  • Functional Flexible & Practical
  • Full cable management
  • Various desk clusters configurations
  • Screens to provide privacy
  • Optimises call centre space
  • Free space planning and design
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Sit Stand Desks

  • Switch between sit and stand
  • Easily adjusted
  • Electronic or wind handle
  • Various finishes
  • Free design
  • Styles to suit any budget
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Modern Office Desks

  • Modern desks
  • Contemporary styles
  • Modular office desks
  • Sit stand desks
  • Designer executive desking
  • Various sizes available
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White Computer Office Desks

  • Selection of sizes
  • Stylish designs
  • Modern & contemporary
  • Gloss or Matt finish
  • Clean fresh and bright
  • Neutral colour
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