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The Open Plan Office

The open plan office has been changing and evolving over the past few years.  In the past the open plan offices mainly consisted of large regular rows of desks or benches. This was where clerks and typists performed repetitive tasks.

This then developed into the office landscape, which meant the introduction of conventional furniture such as individual workstations with curved screens and potted plants to create geometric work groups in large open plan floor areas.

The open plan office developed yet again as office furniture suppliers developed cubicles with panel hung and systems furniture which meant panels and worksurfaces were sold as a package.

Due to the emergence of mobile technology this has led to an evolution in open plan offices which developed even more towards open space office areas.

This was reffered to as hot desking which meant that no one actually had their own permanent work area but were able to just move around various parts of the room with your laptop and plug into a free open space bench desk area whenever you wanted.

This has developed even more to the latest open plan office space incorporating collaboration zones, breakout areas and acoustic pods.


Collaboration Zones

Collaboration zones in the open plan office means that various parts of the open plan office has sections with different types of meeting, desking, seating or working areas where people could just have an informal meeting or arrange a  proper team meeting with interactive whiteboards and the most up to date technology but in a relaxed environment for good expression of ideas and communication.

Another part of the collaboration zones can include quiet areas or segregated hubs or workpods so that meetings can be held that are soundproof and therefore offer more of a private conversation either for just a couple of people or even a group.  These hubs can still be in the same open plan office area and just be positioned in a certain part of the room.


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