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  • Choice of fixed, folding or tilting tops
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Quality range with various sizes
  • Trolleys available for mobility of tables

Best Meeting Room Furniture

Why not contact us here at Whiteleys to decide upon the best meeting room furniture for you.  We have been supplying to London and the rest of the UK since 1989 and we pride ourselves on not only being as professional as possible when dealing with our clients.  But also that we make sure we listen to exactly what each client requires and this can be very different from client to client.

We can either just chat to you over the phone as you might have a good idea of the meeting room furniture you are after, so after our initial chat we can then come up with some suitable ideas based around this.  Or you may not be able to think at all about what you need as you really just want to make sure you make best use of the office space you have.  In this instance we can either work from the drawings or measurements you can give us over the phone or by email or we could even send around one of our very friendly customer service team.  They can then measure up the space for you with their expert knowledge and discuss with you the various options available.

Once back at the office they can then arrange for suitable plans to be drawn up so you can then see all your meeting room furniture in position.  These plans can be changed as many times as you want until you are full satisfied with how everything fits and looks.  The best bit then happens when the shape, style and colour of the meeting room furniture can then be decided upon.

If you want we can send out swatches of the fabric in the post and samples of the wood type for the top of the meeting room desks.

At the moment you are on the meeting room tables section but why not go to our chair section

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