Glass Meeting Table


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  • Beautifully crafted
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  • Contemporary

Glass Meeting Table

Whilst the traditional style of meeting table has generally been a wood style top, a great many people prefer a glass meeting table.

This style of Glass Meeting Table will mean that your meeting room area will look quite stunning as there is nothing more beautiful than glass.

A glass meeting table can make the room look bigger as it will not look as if it is taking up all of the meeting room and even if the meeting room is very small a glass table will make it look a much larger room than it is.

Or perhaps you  have quite a large meeting room that needs a new table, and a large meeting table made of glass would make the meeting room exceptional and give it a highly wow factor.

The glass is highly manufactured to withstand all sorts of heavy items being dropped on it and Whiteleys only supply the best crafted and quality glass meeting tables.

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Whiteleys have their own installation team who are very qualified in dealing with the delivery of glass tables in London and throughout the UK.

We have the best prices for all your glass tables needs.


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