Agile working meeting tables


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  • Fully mobile tables
  • Stored by single operator
  • Packed flat for storage
  • Various shapes

Agile working leads to the need for flexible team meetings and you will need to be able to create meeting areas that are functional and user-friendly. It is always good therefore to look at agile working meeting tables.

These meeting areas need to be able to change settings and make use of all the furniture in the meeting area as creatively as possible to adapt to many different meeting needs.

When introducing the new type of agile working it is important that it begins with employees working alongside colleagues who already work there.

This type of meeting will not be done everyday but it will give everyone working under the agile type of work practice training in the culture of the company and some background and idea of company values and how they want the work to be done even if the employees are not always within the same office all the time.

Whilst agile working will mean that a lot of the time all the teams are dispersed in various locations there needs to be a good flexible workspace at the main company building when everyone does meet for collaboration meetings or just to have an area as a hot desk to work from.

The five main essential elements of an agile office includes arranging a workspace that employees can just drop in and work at their own specific time and speed, but also to have the necessary resources available with open plan, breakout areas and quiet zones for meetings and working.

The working environment has changed greatly over the years and agile working offers companies the way forward to let their employees work away from the main office area but it is still very important to get those meeting rooms right for when everyone does need to meet at some point.

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