Office Mesh Chair


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  • modern structure with a classic style
  • ergonomic design
  • extreme comfort & quality components
  • maximum flexibility

Office Mesh Chair

The office mesh chair is available as swivel chair without arms or with various fixed arm options.
Modern structure and features with a classic style.  Superior performance, an ergonomic design for extreme comfort quality components for a long life.  An innovative monoshell system, guarantees maximum flexibility under a wide range of usage conditions.

Boardroom Office Mesh Chair

Available in fabric and leather options.

When you are sitting at your desk for a lot of the day you need to be able to have a chair that breathes with you and an office mesh chair can be very suitable for this.

A lot of the older style mesh chairs were very ugly and not very comfortable. But there has been a lot of innovation over the past few years and the latest mesh chairs especially the ones from Scandinavia have a not only more breathability in the mesh but also have a great deal more elasticity to help you relax once you are in position.  The office mesh chair also comes with all the knobs and buttons expected on a good office ergonomic chair with height adjustability, seat slide, adjustable armrests and adjustable lumbar support.  Or if you are on a strict budget you can just go for the standard office mesh chair without so many options.

Contact one of our friendly and experienced customer service team on 020 8313 3344 to discuss your specific boardroom office mesh chair requirements.  You can also arrange for one of our team to visit your boardroom area to discuss the options available to you.  You could also use our “try before you buy” option to trial a chair with no obligation to buy until you are happy with the chair and that it suits all your needs.

We also have a variety of other chairs for the boardroom such a white office chairs.

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