Meeting Chairs


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  • Great comfort
  • extreme lightness & easy handling
  • style and innovation
  • cantilever

Meeting Chairs in London

Meeting chairs with minimum amount of material,maximum transparency,great comfort,extreme lightness and easy handling.

Modern meeting chairs for comfort and innovative design

Available in cantilever and four legs base.  This particular chair sets up new reference standards in terms of design, innovation and quality for furnishing boardroom and working areas, where functional characteristics are just as important as having a convincing look.

Please contact one of our friendly customer service team who can look at your specific meeting chair requirements for the boardroom and send you further information.  We can also arrange for one of our experience and professional team to visit you and look at your building or boardroom chair area and recommend some alternatives and show you the fabrics and sizes available to you.

Meeting chairs are important as when making important decisions in the boardroom each person needs to feel relaxed and comfortable for various lengths of meetings that they may be involved in.

We can also provide you with trolleys for the meeting chairs which means you can move many chairs around at the same time and even store them away on the trolley.

Meeting chairs can be very difficult to decide upon as there are so many available but we can let you know all the options available to you and give you the best quotation and any other information you require.

There are some very highly innovative styles out there at the moment and if this suits you then we can supply you with this style of you may just want a very lightweight and more portable meeting chair.  The decision is yours just call us for more information.

Please also visit our boardroom table section for complimentary boardroom tables that you may require.  Or fill out the form below and we will get back to you with information that you require.

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